Piano Lessons by Becky

Policy &Rates


$55 - Monthly 
    - Includes one 30 minute lesson once a week


If you are a parent please be supportive of your child. Besides learning to play  you or your child will learn an appreciation for music, diligence & responsibility  Music at the keyboard should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience regardless of a student's musical abilities.

Practice Habits for Students

Practicing six days a week is reasonable and allows one day off.  Sunday is the most logical day, but it could be used as a make-up when practice cannot be done on a week-day.  (It is important parents establish a practice schedule and enforce it during the first several weeks of lessons, or until the practice times become routine.)  Below is a guideline of suggested practice times.  All ages are expected to practice at least the minimum time.  Many students may be able to practice more than the maximum time.

Ages 6-7:              10 - 20 minutes per day
Ages 8-9:              15 - 25 minutes per day
Ages 10 - 11          20-30 minutes per day
Ages 12 - Adult::    30 - 45 minutes per day
Adult:                    15 - 60 minutes per day


1.  Fees are due in payments of one month's lessons in advance with payment due no later than the last lesson of the previous month.

2.  Music provided by the teacher must be paid for by the following week's lesson.


1.  When a lesson is scheduled, I am reserving my time for a specific student.  A keyboard lesson is not a casual social meeting, it is a professional appointment.  Please don't miss lessons for frivolous reasons, i.e. shopping, going to see a movie, etc.  Missed lessons that have an acceptable "excuse", illness, family emergency, holidays, can be made up at a later date. 

2.  Excused absences.  Please give advance notice within 4 to 24 hours if a lesson appointment cannot be kept.  Obviously, there are certain exceptions and these can be worked around.  If a lesson is "excused"  the payment will be kept and the lesson rescheduled at my earliest convenience. 

3.  Unexcused absences.  If you simply do not show up for a lesson, this should be considered a justifiable reason in my keeping the lesson payment without it being made up.  Remember, this is a scheduled appointment, not a social meeting.

4.  Please be on time so that the student will get his or her complete lesson.  Since I am teaching in my home I will also strive to avoid any interruptions or distractions so the lesson will be completed on time.


1.  Provide a well- maintained Instrument.
2.  Keep Appointments Promptly.
3.  Be sure all materials come along to each lesson.
4.  Pay Lesson Fees promptly.
5.  Encourage Regular practice.
6.  Encourage and Praise.  At least one a week, take time   to listen to the practicing, giving it your full attention.  Genuine interest of a parent along with periodic praise and encouragement, is one of the best motivating factors a music student can have.
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