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Welcome to Piano4you.info! Aside from the personal satisfaction & enjoyment that comes from playing  the piano there are several benefits of keyboard study.  Keyboard lessons are much more than just learning to read music and playing pieces.  Keyboard study will instill self-discipline.  The student realizes that only he or she alone can accomplish the results desired.   It will also increase one's concentration span.  It requires strict attention.  To effectively keep a steady beat, play the correct notes, pedal properly, and interpret all dynamic marks, the student is forced to continually look ahead reading the grand staff.  Music improves coordination between thought and action.  It requires mental alertness, accuracy, and good memory.  It also provides emotional release, everyone has the basic need to express themselves- young and old.  Keyboard study will instill a love and appreciation of music.  This is probably the most lasting value of keyboard study.  The important roots of good musical taste are also formed during keyboard study.  These are values that endure throughout adult life.  Call 727-688-4768 to schedule a lesson 4 you today!

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